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Week 2 L.O.V.E Living Our Value Everyday

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

It is hard to believe we are already a third of the way into February! The pandemic has sure done a number on that grasp of time and our inner calendar, so to speak. When this happens, of course, we forget to take care of ourselves. With so much going on right now in our world this is so very important!

As we continue our series on foster, adoptive and kinship families, who can say we are Living Our Values Everyday (L.O.V.E.), I would like to share my own personal experience. I remember those important times where self-care is needed. A couple of years ago we had a newborn foster child, an 11-month-old foster child, and a three-year-old adopted in our home. For five weeks I lived on three hours of sleep a day (not consecutive, cumulative), was on the go at various appointments, visitations, and errands for our household. Maybe once or twice I had a good cry because I was so tired and just needed a few minutes to myself. At these moments, my partner would say “thank you for what you are doing. Don’t think we don’t see it or not appreciate it.” Our agency was also right there checking on us. Our licensing specialist and caseworker would call to check-in and make sure we were okay and if there was anything we needed. Those simple gestures of thank you meant so much to me. It was a moment where others saw and recognized what I did not realize I was doing. We can be so hard on ourselves, be our own worst critic, and at extreme times be very self-critical. It is a moment where we need to stop and reflect about L.O.V.E. and the L.O.V.E. that others see in us and what we do every single day. Self-care is something we should all be practicing! It is not being selfish by taking a few moments for ourselves. Taking a walk around the neighborhood, doing a ten-minute fitness or workout routine, or even watching an episode (or two) of your favorite television show can really help you recharge and feel rested and motivated. On occasion, that busy shopping trip to Meijer was my self-care. The kids were at home, I had some quiet time to reflect and gather my thoughts, and you just need that sometimes. Remember throughout the month of February, we will be asking our foster, adoptive, and kinship families:

· What does L.O.V.E. mean to you? · How do you recognize your value as a foster, adoptive, and kinship family? · How do you share your value with other families and friends?

Email me at what L.O.V.E. means to you and you could be featured in our blog this month and even on our Facebook page! We’ll also be randomly selecting a winner from those who submit their story. Remember that you are loved, appreciated, and so very special to all of us in this village of foster, adoptive, and kinship families.

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