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Foster Care Resource Team is operated by the Family Enrichment Center and is Funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. We cover Region 3 for the State of Michigan.

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The Region 3 Resource Team coordinates with 18 counties.

Are you a foster, adoptive, or kinship care family that has a need? Click on your county for resources.

Specifically, the team coordinates the following:

  • PRIDE trainings for prospective foster, adoptive and kinship parents. For more information, visit to find trainings in your county. Contact your local DHHS office to sign up for an orientation and to have your worker complete the MDHHS 5619 (referral) form.

  • Foster Care Navigators provide guidance throughout the licensing process, questions about current case situations, and direction to resources within your county to help you provide for the children in your care.

  • Our Recruitment Coordinators would love to speak to your community, work or church group to present the current needs of our child welfare system.

  • Our Retention Team has monthly events or opportunities for your foster, adoptive or kinship family to enjoy.

Teresa Thrash

Executive Director

Michelle Dulaney

Recruitment/Retention Coordinator/GROW Supervisor

Jennifer Patrick

Recruitment/Retention Supervisor

Sharon Dewey

Foster Care Navagator

Johni Bunch

Administrative Assistant & GROW Supervisor

Tia Gould

Recruitment/Retention Coordinator

Louie Davidson

Recruitment/Retention Coordinator & Foster Care Navigator

Sarah Bonzo-Tuinier

Foster Care Navigator Supervisor


PRIDE was super helpful and I really appreciate you reaching out with the additional resources. -  (Foster Parent, Berrien County, DHHS)

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