Feel free to contact our center about any of the following services (please note that these services depend on funding and availability limits):
Serving all Calhoun County families with an emphasis on the special needs of foster, adoptive and kinship families.
  • Drop-in childcare at Take-A-Break Childcare Center (no monthly or weekly commitment of hours for preschool and school age care, availbility of childcare on short notice, etc.)
  • Preschool program through Take-A-Break Childcare Center each weekday from 9am to 3pm
  • Free or discounted respite care for families in crisis
  • Childcare for children suspended from school
  • Childcare for children with special needs whether they be physical, behavioral or emotional
  • Childcare for newly placed foster children who are transitioning from their biological family and home into a foster family
  • Specialized summer camps designed for teens and children, including self-esteem building programs and job skills training for teens
  • Repsite days are offered for foster, adoptive and kinship parents to spend a day investing in themselves, to Christmas shop or complete other tasks while their children take part in activities at Take-A-Break Childcare Center
  • Family advocacy for families in crisis including families in the midst of special inquiries regarding abuse and neglect
  • One-on-one parent support for struggling and stressed out parents
  • Support groups for foster parents, kinship care providers, caregivers for children with Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Parent training addressing a range of subjects such as child-rearing, bullying, finding educational services for special needs children, relationships between foster and birth families, suicide prevention and healthy family meals.
Specialized childcare services through Take-A-Break Childcare Center
Parent and Family Support Services
This page was last updated: May 1, 2018