Would you consider contributing to the Family Enrichment Center?
The Family Enrichment Center desires to provide training, support, mentoring and in-kind services to all families while meeting the unique needs of foster, adoptive and kinship families.

The Family Enrichment Center invites you to be a part of changing the lives of these children. Through your donation to our Rose Campaign, we can change the lives of foster children in Calhoun County.

Through your gift, we can:
  • Provide staff members who can be sounding boards and sources of strength for foster parents who are struggling with a particular child.
  • Offer training on specific skills foster parents need to successfully understand and nurture children who’ve been abused and neglected.
  • Hold events that provide a respite for foster parents. These events feature activities and supervision of foster children while their parents can have a break.

Yellow Rose Contributor $10.00 - $14.00

Red Rose Contributor $25.00 - $49.00

White Rose Contributor $50.00 - $99.00

Pink Rose Contributor $15.00 - $24.00

Orange Rose Contributor $100.00 - $499.00

Blue Rose Contributor $500.00 and up

Consider sharing information about the Family Enrichment Center with your church or civic group. Perhaps your small group would be interested in volunteering for a day our center. Or your church could collect a special donation during National Foster Care month (May.) A representative from the Family Enrichment Center is available for speaking engagments

Additionally, you can give toward our operational costs such as:
  • Utility bill for one month - $800.00
  • Rent for one month - $1200
  • Community Event Sponsorship - $500-$1000

This page was last updated: May 1, 2018